S-Town Podcast Review

s-town-itunesThe S-Town Podcast came out last week from the creators of Serial.  Naturally I binge listened to the entire series in one day.

*Beware- Spoiler Alerts Ahead*

For those who are not acquainted with the S-Town Podcast, the podcast is centered on one man’s life in his small Alabama town that he refers to as “Shit Town”. What starts out as Brian Reed investigating a murder in John B. McLemore’s hometown, leads to Brian uncovering secrets about John that many of his friends and family did not know about during his life.

The series left me with a few unanswered questions.

Did John actually have mercury poisoning? It would have explained so many of his aspects of his personality.

Did Tyler find the treasure that John left behind? If you’re going to mention in the narrative that there’s a treasure hunt, you have to provide some insight as to what was recovered.

What happened to John’s mother? Brian Reed didn’t tell us at the end of the podcast.

Has anything happened between Tyler and John’s cousins since S-town? Some conclusion would have been great.

The fact that this podcast did not center on a murder investigation like the first season of Serial did was very inventive and shows the potential of future seasons.  It was so interesting learning about John’s life.  Despite being extremely depressed, John was able to live a good life.  It’s such a shame that many people who knew John didn’t know his full story, just pieces of himself. If John would have left his hometown, perhaps he would have been happier and found some contentment.

Grade: A-